Join Arturo in his journey to defeat all the Sea monsters that want to destroy the enviroment!


All the evils have been released on this world!, Help Pandora in her adventure to catch them all!


Destroy everything on your path in this insane tower defense-runner crossover, will you reach the beach and enjoy the holidays?

Who are we?

Cristobal Muñóz

Game Designer

Diego Cereceda

Game Designer

Pablo Prado

Game Designer

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Capitan Arturo ready to launch!
A giant storm in the sea!
Meet Drake, The Evil Corsair!
The Ghostly Caleuche
There's only one King
Go, Goblins, Go!
The Mines are full of treasure!
can we borrow your ship, Arturo?
you don't just simply walk into...
Ice winds, Troll pickaxes...
Pandora vs Apate
Adicia the injustice
Apate vs Nosi
and the winner is... Ania!
Wanna Take You For A Ride...
Who will win?